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Saturday, June 22, 2024



Per an approved Plan of Operation by the Budget and Finance Committee (BFS-36-18), the Navajo Nation Department of Retirement Services (NNDRS) is established within the Navajo Division of Human Resources of the Executive Branch of the Navajo Nation Government. The Retirement Plan Administrator for the NNDRS shall be under the general direction and guidance of the Division Director of the Navajo Division of Human Resources.


The Navajo Nation Department of Retirement Services is established to:

  • Provide technical assistance to all employees and vested terminated employees on their respective retirement benefit provisions, coordinate retirement benefits, answer participants' inquiries, and encourage employee participation in the Navajo Nation 401(k) Savings Plan.
  • Administer and operate the Retirement Plan for Employees of the Navajo Nation and Participating Affiliates ("Defined Benefit Plan"), the Navajo Nation 401(k) Savings Plan ("Defined Contribution Plan"), and the Deferred Compensation Plan for Political Appointees and Council Delegates of the Navajo Nation ("Deferred Compensation Plan").
  • Collect participants' census data for the annual actuarial valuation; perform benefit calculations; process benefit payments; and process 401(k) Savings Plan enrollments, loans, and final distributions.
  • Attend meetings, seminars, and trainings to keep informed of all laws and regulations applicable to tribal governmental retirement plans and deferred compensation plans.
  • Coordinate and supervise services provided by the actuaries, record keepers, trustees, attorneys, auditors, and investment advisors to the NNDRS and the Navajo Nation Retirement Plans.


The NNDRS Plan of Operation may be amended by the Budget and Finance Committee of the Navajo Nation Council.



2023 marks the 50th anniversary of the Navajo Nation Retirement Plan.

"I believe this is a great step the Navajo Nation has taken. It will have many benefits to the Navajo people over many years. Also, it will help to insure the tribe's ability to insure stability in the tribal government and in the efficient delivery of its services to the Navajo People."

Peter MacDonald, Navajo Tribal Chairman (1973)

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